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GOD alone is my rock
my strength is in HIM!

As anyone, we are humans in confusion
when bad times hit us hard
but we who love God
will never be lost for long,
For He does pick us up in life
and guide our steps,
our prayers and meditations to Him
are never in vain.

He is indeed our strong Rock
against huge waves meant to crush us down.

A couple loved to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. This road hugs the coastline and the further north you get, the rockier and craggier the coastline gets causing the surf to pound viciously against the rocks. The last time they made this trip, they looked up at Morro Rock, a great big rock just off the coastline.

Powerful waves were beating against this rock. Yet, the rock just sat silent, strong, stable, solid! The waves, more powerful than usual due to a recent storm, looked terrifying. The sheer force within them was daunting. One mighty wave after another pounded against that rock, but the rock never budged an inch. However, the waves that hit that rock were pulverized into a million little droplets, backlit by the sun, creating a beautiful spray of brightly sparkling water. they couldn't take their eyes off it. They thought wow, how strong, how immovable is this rock!

What a great example for me. It reminded me that when I encounter negative, hurtful, or fearful comments, my role is just to be a strong, silent, solid rock - to let those hurtful comments just bounce right off of me and not hurt me. I have learned it is possible to be a solid rock with God's help.

You, too, may build your life on a rock...the rock that is immovable-upon God's love and mercies. Even when life is pounding on you, you can have a great day and a great life. You can be silently strong if you build your life on the Rock.

A Prayer I Use: Lord, give me the strength, today, to be sturdy like a rock. Help me to allow hurtful comments and fearful thoughts bounce off to become little soft-lit drops. Amen.

Who ever said that you couldn't do
Exactly the thing that you're planning to?
Who ever thought that you couldn't climb
Up with the sun to heights sublime?

Who has advised you to check your pace,
Give up your struggle and lose the race,
Crawl off discouraged and hide your face?
Nobody but you.
You are the one who has done it all -
Deserted your castles and let'em fall,
Smothered the spark of ambition fire.
Shut off the current and cut the wire.

How do you know the die is cast?

How do you know when

the crowd goes past

Who'll be the leader,

and who'll be the last?

How do you know?

Life is not merely a game of chance,
And you're not the victim of circumstance.
Nothing too hard for a man to do,
Wishes it more than a miser's wealth,
More than an invalid longs for his health.
Works for it, prays for it - night and day,
Feels that no price is too great to pay.

How do you know til you strive that way.

~Author Unknown~

Thanks for being my friend!

The strongest among the weak is the one who doesn't forget his weaknesses.
- Danish Proverb

A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path.
- Anonymous

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
- Edmund Burke

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.
- Danny Kaye

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Nager dans les eaux troubles
Des lendemains
Attendre ici la fin
Flotter dans l'air trop lourd
Du presque rien
A qui tendre la main

Si je dois tomber de haut
Que ma chute soit lente
Je n'ai trouvé de repos
Que dans l'indifférence
je voudrais retrouver l'innocence
Mais rien n'a de sens,
et rien ne va

Tout est chaos
A côté
Tous mes idéaux : des mots
Je cherche une âme, qui
Pourra m'aider
Je suis
D'une génération désenchantée,

Qui pourrait m'empêcher
De tout entendre
Quand la raison s'effondre
A quel sein se vouer
Qui peut prétendre
Nous bercer dans son ventre

Si la mort est un mystère
La vie n'a rien de tendre
Si le ciel a un enfer
Le ciel peut bien m'attendre
Dis moi,
Dans ces vents contraires
comment s'y prendre
Plus rien n'a de sens,
plus rien ne va

Swimming in troubled waters,
Wait for the end.
Floating in the air too heavy,
From almost nothing,
To reach that.

If I'm falling from high,
My fall is slow.
I have found rest
That the indifference
Yet I would like
to find innocence,
But nothing makes sense
and nothing will.

All is chaos..
Next All my ideals:
words Damaged ...
I want a soul,
which Will help.
I am In a generation

Who could resist,
Hear everything
When reason collapses -
Which way to turn in
-Who can claim
-We rocked in her belly?!
If death is a mystery,
Life has nothing tender.
If Heaven has a hell
-Heaven can wait for me. Tell me In these head winds
how to do when
Nothing has meaning,
nothing goes

~Mylene Farmer~

Copyright ©FemmeDeValeur(Marilyn)-2010